Saturday, October 17, 2009

See you at a conference soon

It appears to be conference season. I'll be taking part in several over the next several weeks and would enjoy meeting any readers who will also be in attendance. These are all business-oriented conferences with a practical rather than academic focus.

First up is Predictive Analytics World in Alexandria, VA October 20-21.  I will be speaking on our experience using survival analysis to forecast future subscriber levels for a variety of subscription-based businesses.This will be my first time attending this conference, but the previous iteration in San Francisco got rave reviews.

Next on my calendar is M2009 in Las Vegas, NV October 26-27. This conference is sponsored by SAS, but it is a general data mining conference, not a SAS users group or anything like that. I've been attending since the first one in 1998 (I think) and have watched it grow into the best-attended of the annual data mining conferences. Gordon Linoff and I will be debuting the latest version of our three-day class Data Mining Techniques Theory and Practice as part of the post-conference training October 28-30.  Too bad about the location, but I guess conference space is cheap in Las Vegas.

I only get to spend a partial weekend at home before leaving for TDWI World in Orlando, FL. This is not, strictly speaking, a data mining conference (the DW stands for "data warehouse") but once people have all that data warehoused, they may want to use if for predictive modeling. I will be teaching a one-day class called Predictive Modeling for Non-Statisticians on Tuesday, November 3. That is election day where I live, so I better get my absantee ballot soon.

The following week, it's off to San Jose, CA for the Business Analytics Summit November 12-13.  I believe this is the first annual running of this conference. I'll be on a panel discussing data mining and business analytics. Perhaps I will discover what the phrase  "business analytics" means! That would come in handy since I will be teaching a class on Marketing Analytics at Boston College's Carroll School of Management next semester. My guess: it means the same as data mining, but some people don't like that word so they've come up with a new one.


  1. Wow! What a busy calendar. I would love to participate to all these conferences, but I'm limited to the Swiss SAS Forum for this year. Maybe we can meet in the following years I hope :-)

  2. Popular speaker! Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your talks at Predictive Analytics World and M2009...


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